Shaving Brush with Badger Hair (Original) - #6444

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The Barba Batil 6444 Brush is totally handmade, with the quality and tradition as in the old days. The brush allows the application of the cream smooth and homogeneous.

It has an exclusive base of handmade resin, giving a marble effect. And 100% natural bristle of badger, hygienic with high level of exigency, to avoid any contamination in the skin. Accompanied by an acrylic holder.

* Because of the natural bristles, there may be variation of yarn thickness and softness. And your cable has color variations.


Large beard brush - 100% natural bristle of badger, handmade resin base and acrylic holder.
Ideal for: shaving.
Size: 3.5 x 10 x 3 cm
Origin: 100% Brazilian product