Natural Baby Kit - #4003

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The Brush Kit and Natural Baby Comb came to help in baby care by giving a gentle touch with your natural bristle that will enchant you. It has 100% natural bristle, obtained without mistreating the animals and sanitized with a high level of exigency, to avoid any contamination in the skin. Despite our hygiene requirement, we do not do any chemical bristle whitening treatment, so they are a little darker. The kit comes with a soft natural bristle brush for combing as if to caress the baby, and an ideal comb to gently remove the crusty that forms on the scalp.


Set with comb and brush, 100% natural bristles soft and printed cable.

Ideal for: combing and cleaning the baby's scalp. For newborns up to 1 year.

Size: 15 x 4 x 3 cm

Origin: 100% Brazilian product